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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hell week, came early?!? my last post here I think I was whining about having way too many assignments

End of the week, I've nearly got them all done. Though as I write this I have a paper due that needs to be turned in ASAP or I fail the course and possibly get in bunches of trouble with peoples.

So yeah.

Well anyhow I didn't like as for it to be that way.... I didn't ASK to get sick, and I didn't ASK for all my professors to give me way too much to do in one week. Almost Hell Week, not quite I guess. I'm now behind on a number of programming projects, in addition to the projects (all of which are still not finished) I had due this week.

Well...I went to sleep at like 11:00....and I got up about an hour ago at 4:30 ish. Weird. Oh well. At least I got up now instead of later, which is good because I still have that paper to write, and I don't think I had my alarm set -_-

So....I think is the first time I've rambled on my blog, yay. I've done it before (done it to all my friends) but never online quite like this.

But the other big thing going on in my life....being a stalker and now not being one and then my stalkee randomly showing up more than ever before in one day than when I was intentionally stalking (kinda) So yeah everything is just weird...and I wish I knew where she stood...and If I have any chance .

I kinda wanna post a pic...but even I admit that would be way too creepy. I know, draw a picture and get someone to scan it in for me >_> <_<

Well, I got to go get to writing that paper, writing some others, reading, getting mp3s to play in Java, and finishing my editor and starting writing open source java rtp to vnc clients >_>

Later, folks (whomever you may be :) )

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