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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, I felt like putting up another post on my blog recently...because of everything that's been going on. Getting suspended from school recently...though unlike what one would normally get suspended for in a normal school the reasons behind this are much more silly and mundane. We're talking really, really silly. Like getting suspended for having supposedly left a curtain open. Literally. Not joking.

Anyhow, that's not why I'm writing this blog general its been an interesting year, full of new people, stress, idiocy, and other fun stuff. I might have my religion severely challenged once or twice, and being a hormonal teenager/adult adds lots of flavor to the mix.

The problems I have...firstly there are a bunch. I'm not going to list them, because that would be whining a tad too much, this entry is already me whining...and face it, what are blogs where people post opinions? Or whine? Sure there are technical blogs, however they usually amount to little more that how-to guides or personal opinions. The other reason I'm not going to list them, is because they are of the sort, magnitude, and multitude that I shudder to think about them. I don't want to...thinking about one's problems, unless actually in the process of fixing them, is only recipe for depression and self-pity, all the fun emo stuff.

I'm actually riding home in a car as I write this. I guess I might use this place to vent my frustrations...its nice to vent them through writing as well as through verbal. See, on top of the ridiculous grounding and subsequent suspension, I seem to be have been sitting some sort of tinderbox on top of minefield, because things seem to be getting blown out of proportion with my parents talking about pulling me out of school, and talking about me being possibly ADD, or depressed, which, when you think that a curtain started all this, is absolutely laughably ridiculous. Heh, its amusing to even think about. But still, here I am, looking at getting more stressed, have my schedule whacked about again like some sort of punching doll, and driving home. Hopefully for a break from it all.

I guess the Romans really didn't get what they did; I'm not quite comparing myself to Jesus, but they ended up starting something that eventually became a lot bigger than them by executing stupid laws. I'm not saying I'll start a religion this way, but I certainly think that those in charge don't nearly quite get the irony of the situation. I have the urge to point and laugh, laugh really, really hard. >_>

Anyhow, extensive blog that doesn't really say much, I suppose, I have quite the workload to get around to, so I suppose I'd better get around to that.

Snark out.

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