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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A bit about life...


I decided this place was useful to ramble on about random stuff about me again.

Twitter, is useless. Because, I don't have time or need to tweet tiny bits of information out. Maybe, if you have something WORTH posting snippets about, but the fact of the matter is most people don't, and if they think they do, they're likely insane or self-absorbed, or both. And, well, Facebook, is well, Facebook, and is the epitome of insanity. (Plus afaik, you can't actually blog on it). And Diaspora is...diversely doing nothing (its easier than it sounds at first), and I don't have time to code my own blog, as much as I might wish to/am capable of it.

No, much better to blab on here where no one is really looking (maybe when i run for president one day ;) ) (and ok, random CIA/FBI agent who is reading this, I guess you are, but I happen to not care what you think)

Topic for today? Hair. Its weird, and I've had quite a diverse range of cuts of it so far. Its amusing to see everyone's reactions to it, and surprising to see how much of an art-form it can be.

Now, I know that I don't care too much about the stuff, and I've recently proved this to myself, but its still entertaining to see people's reactions to the stuff, including my own. I love how I notice my subconscious image changing opinions about myself, and I'm intrigued to see how other people will react in the long run.

To me, both philosophically and personally, image has never and continues not to matter, simply because I've learnt to separate out my personal emotions of vanity from the actualities, not because I'm a pinnacle of un-biased fact. But, other's opinions are, no matter what they claim, decidedly biased. If you don't believe me, observe groups of people, or even yourself, though preferably not your friends, since you are biased to be more lenient to them, and verify that they never make even the tiniest decision based on appearance, under normal circumstances within a reasonable period such as a couple of days. Unless they expend extreme energies to counteract the natural bias which occurs in all of us (which, when energy is a topic of concern, is not a high priority on most people's minds), all human people are hopelessly and absurdly obsessed with appearance.

So, seeing the reactions of others is amusing, much like prodding a colony of ants with food and seeing them react predictably. I'm playing, yes, but can't play be the best form of learning?

Which sort of brings me to a question regarding (not circumferential) the validity of experience. Everything that is, is made up by energies, thought, ideas, patterns, etc.. Some people would like to believe that its human "intention" that counts, and hence dismiss their external "actions" as what really matters. So, they might function in a certain way to appease "society", but hold separate values. However, I think that actions speak louder than ideals. So, even if the joke were supposedly to be on me, with everyone acting in a particular manner as a social nicety, i.e. instead of me gaming the ants, the ants are gaming me, I still think its just as much a valid situation, since the energies expended are just as, if not more real, than the supposed ideals held by the collective individuals. Which again, leads to another interesting question regarding my own ideals, however the question strictly pertains to the actuality of a situation, not what I or any other might think about it.

Enough rambling for now. ^^

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