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Saturday, September 13, 2008



One of the best programs...and one of the most annoying at the same time.


Everyone uses it (save Win-Ampers and Windows Media-ers). Its a great program for ripping your disk collection. However, I've noticed it is a very heavily biased program. From what I read around the web:

A. It is still a big hassle sharing your music to your other music devices if you don't happen to have an iPod handy.

B. If your CD isn't on the map, good luck. Even if you are a private individual making your own songs, it is hard making it into the CDDB, and album artwork is a whole other story entirely, since Apple only puts the images it owns as available for artwork, no way to upload to any central album artwork database, or retrieve from one. Also means iTunes hogs the album artwork, as it doesn't get added to your mp3's automatically. 

C. Audiobooks are impossible to import. There really should be a program of some sort to organize a CD import to an audiobook in iTunes. But there isn't. *sigh* Instead, making your own audiobook from CDs you might just happen to own involves ripping or converting to AAC (.m4a), and then somehow joining the tracks, and then turning those all manually into .m4b files, and then importing those back into itunes. Yay for being overly complex.

D. The same goes for Classical Music - a track on a CD does NOT equal a classical music song. Thankfully both these problems have decent solutions that can be found here: Converting Itunes Audiobooks and here: Taming iTunes for Classical Music 

So annoying. *sigh* I guess nothings perfect.

Oh well, now I'm finished with my little whimsical rant, I'd better be off to do my mountain of a to-do took up 5 pages when I wrote down everything I could think of off of the top of my head. >_>


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